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La Cava

The Building

Location, size, and functionality were the three topics discussed during the creation of Borjón Winery. The 5000 sq. ft. cellar can be seen at the entrance of the property before you arrive to our Tasting Room. It is constructed out of Stainless steel and is heavily insulated, this ensures the ideal temperatures required to preserve and age fine wine. We rely on both a commercial swamp cooler and a glycol chiller unit to control the temperature levels in the Cellar. Our production building is also equipped with a full wine lab, this allows us to analyze and amend our wines with precision.

Grape Sorting

Borjón Winery is currently one of the only hand full of wineries in Amador County that owns and utilizes a Sorting Table. The Sorting Table is placed directly under the Destemer. This allows only whole berries to run through the Sorting Table which makes it easy for sorters to see and remove any unwanted berries, leaves, or stems that make it past the desteming process. Leaving only the highest quality grapes for the fermentation process.

Fermenting & Aging

All of our fermentations run for an average of 7 days. Immediately after fermentation, all of our wines are put to barrels and aged for an average of 22 months. We currently use two different sized French Oak Barrels: 60 & 120 gallons. The oak is specially selected and paired with each wine to reflect the wines complexity.