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Selección Flight

Hand Selected red wine flight

$10 tasting fee (refundable upon bottle purchase within flight)

2021 Eliana Sparkling Rosé

$33 per bottle | Amigo $31.35 | Primo $29.70 | Familia $28.05

Another wonderful example of what Amador Zinfandel can be! This rendition of our sparkling wine exudes some of the finest examples of what this grape can accomplish. Truly multifaceted, it is gushing with flavors and aromas of fresh white peaches, sour dough starter and lemon zest that coat the palate begging for another sip. Drink Now. -JS. (531 cases). Vineyards: Amador County Grapes.

2018 Barbera Reposado 

$28 per bottle | Amigo $26.60 | Primo $25.20 | Familia $23.80

Soft and juicy on the palate, this is a wine of considerable depth and vitality. Concentrated blue fruit flavors co-mingle with finely tuned sweet vanilla oak. Vineyards: Los Portales, Cooper Ranch, Fox Creek, Manby, and Story

2019 Zinfandel Reposado

$28 per bottle | Amigo $26.60 | Primo $25.20 | Familia $23.80

Dried red fruit, orange marmalade, and dusty berries dominate on the nose while on the palate bright flavors of blackberries, dried cherries, and caramel.Vineyards: Los Portales, Story, and Dehn

2017 Los Portales Monastrell

$26 per bottle | Amigo 24.70 | Primo 23.40 | Familia 22.10

Fresh red cherries, leather, and chocolate cranberry sauce pave the way to underlying anise and strawberries. Robust, complex, and loaded with fresh cranberries, this beauty will gracefully age for years to come.Vineyards: Los Portales

2018 Diferente .2

$50 per bottle | Amigo 47.50 | Primo 45.00 | Familia 42.50

Here we took the Italian Primitivo and the French Bordeaux Malbec and put them together 50/50. The result is simply delicious. All the fresh red fruit and vibrancy from the Primitivo meets its match with the dark fruit, silky supple tannins and long lingering finish of the Malbec.Vineyards: Los Portales and Sierra Foothills

2017 Barbera Complejo

$100 per bottle | Amigo $95.00 | Primo $90.00 | Familia $85.00

Complex, soft and exciting, this wine has become an instant classic since its days in the barrel. Deeply colored and oozing aromas of fresh blueberries, vanilla, and rose petals. Ultra-soft on the palate, the wine has a creamy texture, excellent balance and will easily be a crowd favorite. Vineyards: Historia.