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La Familia

The family name, Borjón, originated in the country of France. Iscander "Isy" Borjón’s great, great grandfather migrated to Mexico in the mid-1860's during the French/Mexican war, also known as the Maximilian Affair.

The Borjón family comes from the small town of Paracuaro in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. Isy's parents Jesus and Nora Borjón arrived in the Shenandoah Valley over 30 years ago. Jesus began working in the vineyards doing every job imaginable while Nora was a stay at home mother with their three children. Eventually, Jesus and Nora had saved enough to start their own small labor contracting business in 1991. The drive and work ethic of Jesus lead to the unimaginable expansion of Borjón Labor Contracting and Vineyard Management.

Providing the valley with labor services since 1991, the Borjón’s had always enjoyed the taste of wine and had always dreamt of having a winery of their own. Seeing first hand the tremendous growth in the valley and the addition of so many wineries only added to the desire of one day being winery owners.

Essentially growing up on a vineyard, Isy was groomed for leadership. In 2005, at the age of only 19, he was handed the reigns to the families vineyard management business. That same year he started his own family marrying his beautiful wife Eliana. Taking what knowledge they had gained over years of working with vineyards and wineries, they selected some of the best grapes Amador County produces to create Borjón wines. Combining their own ideas with local wine making techniques, they crafted Borjón Winery's version of great Amador County Wines. With the help of his parents, Isy and Eliana opened the Tasting Room in May of 2009.